Snooker is the ideal place to hold any party or event.

It’s a 460 square meter cocktail bar with an elegant, comfortable and intimate atmosphere.

It’s not necessary to make a reservation.

To make a reservation call to +34 613 046 094 in opening hours from 18:00 to 2:00.
If we don’t answer the phone try again later.


No, we don’t book pool tables. 

It’s charged by time.It costs 9,60€ for one hour each table, and is charged by fractions of 5 minutes. There is no minimum nor limit of time. We don’t make reservations for the pool tables. 

Cocktails with alcohol 10€, no alcohol 7€. Beers between 3,5€ and 6€. Soft drinks 3€. Gintonics and mixed drinks from 10€.

No, we don’t have food. You can’t bring food. 

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