Opened in 1985 with the name of Snooker Club Barcelona by its promoters, it was conceived as a social place in the English way cozy and elegant for the practice of Snooker. Winning the FAD Award of architecture and interior design that same year, becoming the first night entertainment place awarded with FAD.

The architecture and interior design awards FAD (Foment de les Arts Decoratives d’Arquitecture e Interiorisme), a continuation of the awards granted by the Town Hall since 1899, are one of the most prestigious architecture distinctions in the country.

The professional jury at the Miró Foundation Scenario, valued “The intelligent transformation of a typical space of the Eixample into a new enclosure of original morphology that through the transformation of the ceiling, the layout of the bar, the placement of the Billiards, a large mirror and a wide gate, manages to create an enclosure of great intimacy and magical atmosphere.

Note the curved roof of convex circle and its equidistant lamps, the set of curves with the shape of the bar and the large pillars, the engraved glass mural of the entrance with the sphere (which is a fragment of an informative monument reproducing a clock Of Sunshine of the Park of the Ciutadela), and the work of marquetry of the door and some tables that next to the rest of the furniture, complement the premises”.

serrat en snooker

Joan Manuel Serrat in Snooker

Snooker 1985 4 001 copia

Snooker in 1971

Catalan design in its pure state, it’s an example of the union of Masters of the Barcelona of the 80:
Architect: Dr.Santiago Roqueta.
Designers: Carles Riart.
The furniture chairs, armchairs and tables “Snooker” were specially designed for the premises.
Oleguer Armengol and Gabriel Ordeig (Alabaster Lamps).
The marquetry of the door and tables are by Susana Canals.
And the clock reflected of S.Valladares and L.Cortés.

Designer Carles Riart and the bar manager Simón Pacielo



The minimum expression of a round table, designed by Carles Riart in 1985 for the Snooker in Barcelona.

It is born from a premise: the beauty of the form, resides in the obviousness of the structure. As the author, Carles Riart, states, a piece of furniture is a mixture of constructive and formal problems.

Its form must always respond to a logical structure. So fine are these tables that they hardly weigh of pure structure. Its surface, light, has the filing edge to give it even more lightness. Its triangular legs, in solid wood, are refined as they approach the ground; and its height is relatively low, adapted to the Snooker armchairs they accompany. They also have a surface adapted to the height of the circumstances; in sycamore wood plated with three waters.

Measurements: Ø 90 x h: 65cm Ø 110 x h: 72cm


SNOOKER armchair

It was a new concept of upholstered furniture, between the lightness of the chair and the comfort of the armchair, with slightly inclined arms and backrest, designed by Carles Riart to delay the passing of the hours at the Snooker in Barcelona.

Riart says that when he draws a chair, he draws fifty variations, and each one suggests a different quality, which he tries to develop to his limit. Perhaps that is why the final resulting chair has a vocation of synthesis, incorporating many of those implicit qualities.

Just have a drink at the Snooker in Barcelona to understand this furniture between chair and armchair, upholstered and padded, with a curved and generous arm, deep seat to accommodate in the talk, and short stature, adapted to the Snooker table that accompanies it.

With a simple style and harmony of lines, this new classic is handcrafted in solid maple wood, with upholstered seat and backrest, slight inclination in the back and long arms, soft and studied curved, to favor relaxation and good conversation.

Technical description: Wooden armchair Hand sewn upholstery 63 x 60 x h: 86.5 m

It’s today one of the few places with FAD that can be visited, because most of them have disappeared. It is a pleasure to spend time comfortably, in this timeless space, chatting, playing billiards and trying the specialties of the menu.

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